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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spiritual Leadership in the Home

I have had a few recent conversations, all with other women, about spiritual leadership in the home. Apparently, many wives feel let down in this area, which must be a common thing since Sanctus Real even wrote a song about it called "Lead Me".

Most of the time I try to defend the husband and direct the wife to look at the spiritual things he DOES do. For example, is he a good spiritual example in his own devotional, or prayer life?

So this led me to wonder if perhaps, in all of the ways husbands and wives differ, if this is just another area where we are thinking, or expecting, one thing and the husband has another totally different idea.

Like showing love. Husbands feel they are showing love when they go to work and support the family. Their long hours are an expression of how much they love us. In their mind anyway. Woman tend to want the husband to stay home more and spend quality time with them, cuddling and sharing their feelings ;)

Anyway, because I can, I decided to write a survey and see if there really is a different way of thinking between husbands and wives, as far as spiritual leadership in our homes. And I'm inviting you to take it, and ask others to take it, too. Keep in mind that to have an effective survey, I need men to participate, too ;)

So here's the link: spiritual-leader-survey There are only 5 questions, so it should only take about 5-10 minutes, depending on the length of your answers. And please be candid, everything is anonymous.

Hopefully, I will have some good responses to share later and help us gain much needed insight in this area. Or...the answers will all be about the same and men will have to search their hearts in order to step it up!

Thanks for participating.

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