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Sunday, January 8, 2012

January Goals

Ok, it’s the start of a new year and I’m not really a resolution maker, but I have decided to get on the bandwagon with Keri, Emma and Jenny and start posting monthly goals.
I’ve thought about it for a while but just haven’t actually done it. I think the reason is two fold. First, I apparently conceptualize my goals but never really make anything concrete. So when I go to list something on a blog, I don’t really have anything to list, just a bunch of ideas rolling around in my head (FYI – I had the same problem with college essays :P). Second, I’m afraid that listing what I want to do, shows what I don’t do, and as a result I might fall off my pedestal. Keeping in mind I am probably the only one who has myelf up there, but still, this one is probably the biggest reason why I SHOULD post goals, therefore I am.
So, here you have the January goals of a crazy woman. I’ve categorized them, in an effort to appear well balanced and organized ;)

1. Gather data on all of the couples who we have personally worked with, mostly the pre-marrieds. We would like to put this in a database of sorts to keep track of wedding dates/ anniversaries, births, etc. Right now it’s on random sheets of paper and lacking information.
2. Work on a coffee mug design for Mr. & Mrs. (What better wedding gift could there be from the Mr & Mrs directors?)
3. Get the For Women Only study going. (This goal is for this week more than this month!)

1. Work through the pile of file rebuilds on my desk. This one only makes sense to me, but it’s a big one because I’m tired of looking at the pile. I’m breaking this down into completing one each day and think that will have them compete by month end.

1. Clean our master bath (including scrubbing down the shower) every week. I’ve been pretty good about it since we redid the bathroom, but no one ever sees the master bath so it’s usually the 1st place I neglect.
2. Vacuum my bedroom every week. (Yeah, I need this as a goal…)
3. At least once (maybe a little each week) super clean our bedroom (this includes dusting). I have been trying to have a haven, or heavenly as Jenny calls it, bedroom, so that it’s a pleasant place to retreat to when I need quiet and a place I enjoy walking into at he end of the day.

1. Complete weeks 1-3 in the Couch to 5k (C25k) program. This weekend I registered for the Detroit Free Press half marathon on Oct. 21, realizing I need to train to get off the couch before I can actually train for a half marathon…
2. Register for my passport. The marathon is an international marathon (we run into Canada) so I need a passport for it and would prefer to not wait until the last minute.

1. Complete at least 10 days of Beth Moore’s study on Jesus. I hear He was a pretty cool guy ;) I bought the book at Thanksgiving and was really excited about it but still haven’t started it.
2. Read through 1 Christian book completely. I have a terrible habit of either getting too distracted to read at all, or starting something, reading a few chapters and then never picking it up again. I have a pile on the side of my bed in this category.

Ok, wow, this should be interesting…