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Friday, September 10, 2010

Convergence - Where Faith Meets Life

I want to announce a womens event coming up at WWCN on Saturday, September 25th (9a-2p).

My friend Nicole Wick and Crystal Renaud, Executive Director of Dirty Girls Ministries, will discuss God, sex, sin, and the power of community. If you’re in the Detroit area we would love for you to join us! More info and registration can be found HERE. (The cost is only $15, includes breakfast, lunch AND child care!!)

I would love to see every woman I know attending. Trust me, if the subject of pornagraphy doesn't affect you personally, it affects someone close to you and most likely you don't even know about it.

If you’re wondering what Convergence is, here is some info from the website:

When the deepest and most relevant issues of life become the elephant in the “church room,” people suffer in silence, feel alone, and entertain sin. Yet this was never Jesus’ plan for his people. Rather, Jesus has called Christians to journey with one another as we center our lives on Him.

Whether directly or indirectly, sexual sin has impacted your life or the life of someone you know. Drawing from their own personal testimonies, Nicole Wick and Crystal Renaud will share their stories of Christ’s victory in their lives, as well as how an environment of honesty, compassion, and love creates an atmosphere for support and healing.

We’ll also be joined by Covenant Eyes who will be offering some Christian based solutions for internet safety, accountability, and filtering.

And this from Nicoles post...

Obviously this event is designed for women who have a history of sexual sin or abuse, or for wives who have a husband who has struggled with sexual sin. If that isn’t you, I bet you’re wondering if this conference is for you. Here is a brief list of other people that I think should attend this event:

~ Women who are involved in a church, small group, or women’s ministry, and as a result may encounter other women who need support in this area.
~ Women who are involved in youth or children’s ministry and may encounter teens or pre-teens struggling in this area
~ Women who have friend, family member, or co worker who may be struggling with a secret sexual sin personally or in their marriage
~ Women who are married
~ Women who hope to someday be married
~ Women who parent small children
~ Women who parent teen children
~ Women who parent adult children
~ Women who have internet access in their homes
~ Women who have (or whose husbands have) internet access at their jobs
~ Women who own a television (especially cable television)
~ Women who have any of the following delivered to them or their husband: Playboy, Penthouse, Victoria’s Secret catalog, Maxim, the Target Sunday circular, the JCPenny catalog, Sports Illustrated…
~ Women who have a smart phone or iPhone
~ Women who have a husband or child that owns a smart phone or iPhone

If you fit one or more of these, you should seriously consider attending Convergence. I hope to see you there!

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