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Friday, February 26, 2010

Feeling called

It all started about 30 years ago when I first accepted Christ as my Savior. We went to a little Assembly of God church in Detroit. Every Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday night we were there. I learned true worship there, and I loved it. I learned that Jesus wasn't someone who was, but someone who is. And this is where the stirrings began.
I remember from that time, whenever I would hear a revival speaker or a missionary speak, I would feel like I was somehow being called into the ministry. The problem (for me anyway) is that I thought everyone had these stirrings during revival. It wasn't until a year or two ago that I found out that wasn't the case.
So me...Called...Truly called. To what you might ask? Well, I don't have that answer yet. Besides, recognizing a call is all still pretty new to me, so I'm not so certain I'm supposed to know yet. And so I prepare, without knowing exactly what I'm preparing for, but trusting that He will show me as soon as I need to know.

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