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Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Latest Endeavor

I have had so many blog topics running through my head and have been remiss in getting them out of my head and into a blog :( One day, maybe…

But this I have to share. Because I need you to help me, help others. I have been working all evening trying to compose an email short enough that people will actually read the whole thing. But then thought, if I blog about it you’ll want to read the whole thing. That is why you come here, right? To read all of the millions of things that continually go on in my head. (Seriously, there’s a lot that goes on in there.)

So here goes…the long version…

I have recently started selling Mary Kay and will be giving ALL of the profit to charity.

You've read that correctly. I’m not crazy, or amazing (trust me), but in the past 6 months or so I have read through Francis Chan's "Crazy Love", David Platt's "Radical", Jen Hatmakers “Interrupted” and my all time favorite blog, (all 4 years of posts). You can’t read these books and not feel called to do something! But then there was the reality of my budget, and the last instruction I received from God to have all of our debt paid off by 2014. So, while I felt quite strongly that I should be doing something, I wasn’t quite sure how exactly I was going to make that happen.

So my niece, Jen Tressler and I, both feeling called in the same way, put our heads together and came up with the idea of Hands & Feet (you know, like the hands & feet of Jesus). And until God fully reveals His plan for our ministry (we do have some idea, but that's for another post after most of the details are worked out), we will be focusing on other amazing ministries already in place who exemplify the character of Jesus, like we are hoping to do.

So where does Mary Kay and giving away our profit come in? Well, our website will give more information and have a monthly ministry “focus” hi-lighting a different ministry each month. This will be the ministry that we will donate ALL of our monthly sales profits to.

Your purchase of Mary Kay products can help make a difference.

You can help by ordering trusted skin care and beauty products, and feel good knowing that ALL of the profit will be donated to help others, both locally and around the world. This is intended to be a way that we can all join together and be the Hands & Feet of Jesus.

Brilliant, don't you think? And I even thought of you :)

So, please pass this information on to anyone you can think of (internet ordering knows no boundaries), and let's all start making a difference in the lives of others!

The particulars...

The entire catalog can be viewed online at Order from anywhere in the continental US and have it shipped right to your door ($5.00 flat shipping fee for orders up to $100.00 / $8.75 for orders over $100.00). If you're not already familiar with the products and would prefer a personal consultation just email or give me a call! (Please, only in the metro Detroit area)

Make sure and “like” our page “Hands & Feet” on Facebook. We will update it monthly with the ministry in focus, which will be the ministry receiving our donations for that month.

Thanks for sticking with my thought process all the way to the end. Feel free to ask questions. You know I would….

Because He has called me,

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